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Ooni Dough Balls (24 x 9oz)

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<!–Due to exceptionally high demand we are experiencing some short delays in the shipping of frozen dough orders. Thank you for your understanding.

–>You’re always one step closer to pizza night with our frozen 9-ounce dough balls on hand. They’re made with ‘00’ Caputo Pizzeria flour and are the perfect size for making 12″ pizzas.

When the time comes to make a couple for a cozy night in, start by thawing them overnight in the fridge. The next morning, move them into a dough tray or sheet pan sprinkled with semolina and proof at room temperature until they’ve almost doubled in size. Then you’re ready to stretch, top, and bake with your favorite gourmet groceries, toppings and finishes.

Each package of dough balls comes with complete defrosting and preparation instructions.

Top tip! When preparing your dough balls, remove them from their bags while frozen before following the instructions. They’re easier to handle this way.

Give it a try in one of our selected recipes linked below or head to our ‘Recipes’ page for more inspiration.

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2101 reviews for Ooni Dough Balls (24 x 9oz)

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