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Take Online Orders

Start Taking Online Orders in Real Time.

Start taking food orders online with our simple and affordable service.  Customers can order from our website & mobile apps, your own site and Facebook page.

Our members earn Pizza Points each and every time they order which keeps them coming back for more.  You are paid directly by the customer.  You’ll only pay a service fee if the customer orders from our website or mobile app or is an Abeetz registered user.  All other orders are fee-free.

PRO: Just $.99 flat fee per order.  (Pay Online or at Pick-Up).

STANDARD: Just $1.25 flat fee per order. (Pay at Pick-Up only)

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Order Confirmations

After placing the order, the customer stays connected for several minutes, just enough time for you to review the order and confirm the pick up or delivery time in real time.

No busy phone lines or misheard order details.  Just you and your staff, your customer and a simple to use ordering interface.

Connect the app to your thermal printer (not provided) and send orders directly to the kitchen without an expensive POS system.

Can’t complete the order or out of a specific menu item? Simply reject the order. In real-time the customer sees that there was a problem with the order and is presented with several possibilities along with your contact information.

Simply contact the customer to follow up and see if the order can be completed another way.

Accept or Reject Orders

Pick Up or Delivery

Abeetz! does not facilitate the delivery, so you control how your online orders are handled.  Offer delivery? Great. Designate precisely with one or multiple zones and separate fees or offer free delivery. You can also specify the minimum order amount for delivery.

Pick up only? Sure. Turn off all other options and you’re ready to roll. Prefer customers to pay at pick up? That is an option as well.  Many people are opting to go as contactless as possible.

Letting your customers order for later is a great way to adapt to their schedule.  For example a customer may on their morning commute already thinking about lunch. They can place the order now and specify the 12:30 PM pick up time.

Ordering after hours works similarly, letting customers place orders out side your business hours.  Once you open for the day your orders are available to you to either confirm or reject.

Take orders for later & after hours (PRO)


Offer your customers a totally contactless ordering option with Table Top ordering.  We’ll provide you with a specially encoded QR code.  Customers find a table and scan the code using their smartphone camera app.


The customer will then browse your online menu and select the items they would like and pay for the order.  You’ll receive a real-time order notification just as if was for pick up.  You’ll accept it and prepare the order.  Once the order is complete have a staff member deliver it to the customer at the table number they have specified when ordering.

When a customer arrives at your location, geofence technology triggers an alert and delivers your welcome content.  The customer simply clicks the Curbside Check-In button that is encoded with a personlized message.

This will open the text messaging app on their phone and they can add any additional information before sending the message.  A member of your staff brings the completed and prepaid order out to the customer.

Curbside Pick Up

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